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All About the Chelsea Market in New York City

All About the Chelsea Market in New York City

Chelsea Market, located in the center of New York City’s Meatpacking District, is one of the world’s finest indoor retail and food marketplaces.

Thomas Ligor explains below how the iconic culinary spot became an internationally esteemed brand, featuring a wide range of diverse merchants, making it far more than a regular market.

Where It All Began

Historically, the area was the food-focused spot of the city, starting with the Algonquin Indians and their passion for trading crops and game by the Hudson River.

High Line trains brought meat to the wholesale butchers dotting the streets below the tracks, cooling the produce with ice from the river. And the spot where Chelsea Market sits in all its glory? That building once housed the National Biscuit Company factory.

The area’s rich history and stunning, bare-brick architecture gives the Market a bespoke character that locals and tourists alike won’t find anywhere else.

Today, the always-written-about destination attracts a whopping six million visitors every year, earning its title as one of the most trafficked locations in all of New York City.

Neighborhood Market, Global Ideas

The Market’s collection of distinctive merchants creates a lively, welcoming environment for both locals and tourists. Chelsea Market boasts a selection like no other, from NYC’s finest fishmongers to the greatest whole-animal butchers to the matured artisanal cheeses to the imported European dry goods.

The fresh produce combined with the ready-to-eat savory meals tantalizing tongues makes it one of the most beloved destinations for regulars and once-in-a-lifetime travelers.

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Spotlighting Local Favorites

While the Market encourages wandering and getting lost in the gorgeous smells and tastes, Chelsea Market has a few must-visit chefs and makers:

  • Rachel Simons — This passionate Australian foodie founded Seed + Mill, a sesame concept store servicing artisanal halva (and more) in upwards of 30 flavors. It’s well-loved by those who are gluten-free, kosher, or plant-based.
  • Sarabeth Levine — The multi-award-winning artisanal baker, jam maker, cookbook author, restaurateur, and winner of the Outstanding Pasty Chef of the Year award, Sarabeth Levine, founded her business in 1981. She was even given an Honorary Doctorate for her fantastic achievements. Today, she operates the now-15,000-square-foot jam-making facility and a 4,400-square-foot bakery and cafe with her husband, Bill Levine. Aptly named Sarabeth’s, visitors can expect to indulge in wonderfully delicious baked goods.
  • Anne Saxelby — This lover of transforming milk into cheese opened her business, Saxelby Cheesemongers, in 2006. But it’s no longer a little stall on Essex Street Market. Nowadays, it’s a vast wholesale and distribution site serving restaurants across the nation.
  • Jeremy Rousselet — Growing up in Normandy, baked goods surrounded Jeremy Rousselet. So, naturally, he began training, and after many years, he opened Neighborhood Goods’ Tiny Feast, where his customers delight in French cuisine and stunning pastries.

Chelsea Market: The Food Marketplace to End All Food Marketplaces

For local self-proclaimed foodies and international visitors, it’s common to arrive for breakfast and not step outside until lunchtime. There’s simply that much to tickle their tastebuds.