Thomas Ligor New York

Thomas Ligor New York

The landscapes of sales and marketing are extremely fast paced as professionals need to keep up with cutting edge best practices, streamlining their services, and adapting to the ever-changing needs of their clients. Naturally, budding professionals and those looking to hone their crafts seek out the insights of those who have vast experience in the space. These industry veterans know how to adapt to the landscape and ensure the best results possible for clients and collaborators across industries.

Thomas Ligor of New York is a sales and marketing professional who is dedicated to helping others hone skills within his area of expertise. Thomas is a proponent of contributing to key conversations within his field to increase accessibility and inclusivity of sales and marketing sectors, and he hopes to help others learn more through a collection of resources addressing pertinent topics such as sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more from the lens of an industry leader.

About Thomas Ligor of New York

Thomas Ligor is a lifetime New York resident who is passionate about sales and marketing. Thomas connected with is love for sales and marketing while attending college at New York University, where he went on to graduate top of his class. His foundational education opened the door to his experience in entrepreneurship, and he quickly opened several of his own businesses which grew successful in their own rights before eventually being sold. Thomas Ligor of New York soon after joined the team at Chelsea Market, immediately realizing that he was right where he needed to be- in the heart of his community using his expertise to serve New York residents in their business endeavors.

At Chelsea Market, Thomas specializes in overseeing marketing efforts, handling social media channels for clients, facilitating media outreach efforts, and streamlining existing practices for his clients and their customers. Notably, Thomas Ligor brings his own style to marketing and sales sectors and speaks to the importance of connecting with consumers through a person-first approach to business. His techniques have earned the attention of experts within the New York area, many of whom have begun using techniques that he has popularized to achieve continued success with marketing within their respective industries.

Colleagues of Thomas Ligor recognize that he is a professional who is deeply invested in keeping up with best practices to bring the best results possible to his diverse client base. This peers speak to how he is a proponent of contributing to a positive community environment by giving back through community service initiatives, youth athletic sponsorships, and upholding the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices. Thomas Ligor of New York’s clients also maintain that Thomas takes a patient, intuitive approach to handling businesses’ marketing and sales needs. They note that he takes the time to explain more complex processes in an easily digestible fashion and displays incredible client relationship management through his ability to field thoughts, feelings, and concerns surrounding initiatives. Thomas Ligor is simply regarded as a professional who cares for his clients and collaborators and works tirelessly to ensure that they are successful.

Thomas Ligor of New York Explores Methods to Evaluate Marketing Efforts

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Thomas Ligor often explains to clients that one of the best foundational steps for starting a new marketing campaign is to evaluate their most recent efforts. Reason being that evaluating existing marketing endeavors can be an excellent way to see first-hand what is working and what could use some refinement in future attempts. Here, Thomas Ligor of New York explores a few of the most effective methods organizations can use to evaluate their current processes.

Evaluate Changes in Sales

The end goal in most marketing campaigns is to see a tangible increase in sales and profits through the investment. For this reason, Thomas Ligor upholds that checking for changes in sales is one of the most impactful ways to evaluate your results. He notes that one simple way to do so is to look at sales before the start of the campaign and then in intervals such as every six months following. This can provide essential insights as to the strength of the campaign throughout its run, and marketers can analyze potential reasons for dips or increases in sales and profits to double down on what worked best.

Gauge Customer Response

Because connecting with your audience is such a crucial component of any marketing campaign, Thomas encourages marketing specialists to take their feedback to streamline improvements to their marketing efforts. One common way to do so is to check customer service feedback through questionnaires that pose questions that are important to your efforts. The value of this method is that it provides a clear understanding of how customers respond to outreach, adds, etc., but it is far from the only way to gauge customer response. Organizations that want to diversity their evaluations beyond questionnaires can monitor stats such as slick-through rates online and online engagement through social media to get a better idea of their impact.

Know Your Return on Investment

Depending on the scope of a campaign, marketing efforts may not be cheap, especially as you factor in the varying cost of landing customers. Thomas Ligor mentions that, for this reason, evaluating your existing methods should involve monitoring the return on investment. It is possible that some methods that you utilize may yield profits but not enough to justify their usage over other efforts that prove more cost-effective. Knowing your end goals, your preferred return on investment, and the relative return on investment for each of the methods you utilize can go a long way towards finding the best marketing campaigns for your business and industry as a whole. Some industries will simply see much better returns on certain types of ads or outreach efforts.

More from Thomas Ligor of New York

Thomas Ligor New York|

Thomas Ligor acknowledges that sales and marketing are used in all areas across industry, necessitating that professionals have a solid foundation in core principles, best practices, and streamlining their own processes to be fully successful within their spaces. To this point, Thomas Ligor of New York has dedicated his time to shedding light on some of the most important principles of his areas of expertise such as sales, social media marketing, technological implementation, sustainability, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Interested in learning more about sales, marketing, philanthropy, and more from a seasoned veteran of the industry such as Thomas Ligor of New York? Check this website frequently for more updates, information, and insights from Thomas.